Lingoland Hilarious Comic 'Are you up for...?'

In this comic, tiger did not understand the
expression 'Are you up for ...?',and the expression
'I'm down'.

'Are you up for ...?'is a very common expression in the U.S.

It simply means 'do you want to do something?'
The answer for this expression is not 'I'm up'!
'I'm up' only means'I am awake'!
However, 'I'm down' means that 'Yes, I want to do it'.

Example 1:

A: Do you want to get some french fries?
B: I'm totally down for fries!

Example 2:
A: Are you up for watching movie tonight?
B: Sure.
C: I'm down.

Do you guys find this tricky? I do too at first!
Don't worry!

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