Lingoland Hilarious Comic 'Bless You'

In this comic, Mimi is very sick and she kept on
sneezing. Every time she sneezes, Max says 'Bless
you'. However, Mimi does not understand what Max is

'Bless you' is one of the most common expressions
in the U.S. It is common courtesy to say 'Bless
you' after someone sneezes.

'Bless you' originated from the plague during AD
590. Pope Gregory I ordered unceasing prayer for
divine intercession. Part of his command was that
anyone sneezing be blessed immediately ("God bless
you"), since sneezing was often the first sign that
someone was falling ill with the plague.

A typical polite response after being told "bless
you" in response to sneezing is to thank the person
who has said it.

So if you guys travel abroad and hear someone
sneeze, say 'bless you'! People will think that
you are very polite!

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