Would you keep your tab open?

When you go to pubs in the U.S, you would see the bar section in most of pubs and you can order your drinks there. However, you better keep in mind that you would be asked by bartenders like below.

"Would you keep your tab open?"

or simply,

"Open or closed?"

What does that mean?

It is a must-know expression when you go to pubs in the US but it is not easy to know in Korea.

Let's see what happened to them.

What a funny situation~! 'Open your tab' means you can let the bartender keep your credit card until you finish orders for drinks. You can freely order many times and can say "Check, please!" before you leave. Then, the bartender will charge your drinks at one time. 'Close your tab' means you want to pay what you just ordered. So, if you think you would order one or two more drinks, it's much more convenient to say "Keep my tab open".

Our tiger, monkey, giraffe did not know the expression and got puzzled and upset because they did not get the credit card, but drinks. However, actually, they asked the bartender to keep the card by saying 'open'.

Pls remember that you would hear this expression at the bar in the US. What you can say is either 'Open please' or 'Closed please' :)

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